Cease and Desist

by Still Standing

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released January 28, 2015



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Still Standing Moline, Illinois

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Track Name: Cease and Desist
Open your mind
And listen
To the world around you

I'm still standing
Strong and proud

I'm still standing
Never falling
I'm still standing

Open your mind
Track Name: Message Received, War is Coming
The stage is set
The pieces are in place
The impoverished versus the wealthy
War is coming

The stage is set
For the great way
The stage is set
For the slaughter

We are the poor
We are the struggling
Forced to steal from the rich
This will not stop
As long as
Class warfare exists

Centuries spent
On our knees
But now we
Stand to fight

Serfs and servants
Kings and queens
They all bleed the same

Created equal
Cut from the same mold
We're all the same

We walk forward
Into the unknown
Fingers on the trigger

Teeth clenched
Guns drawn
We're out for blood
We're out for blood
Track Name: The Agents of Change
The same
Monster in suits
Sworn to serve us
Tear us apart
Through coercion and indoctrination
We must
Turn our ears
And silence them all
Silence them all

Deaf to the noise
Deaf to the message
Deaf to a culture of indifference

Born into a world
Where leaders
Are architects of secrecy
Plotting against
You and me

WE must force them out
We can shut them down
The power lies in our hands

Thing you've been told
You question the system
We're slaves until we're old

Take your world back
Track Name: Paint the Town Red for Green
The color influence
The blood that we all bleed out

On the sidewalk
On the ground
We spill each other's blood

On the front lines
On our doorsteps
We shed our blood

And I've watched
My fellow man
Strike down his brother
And I've seen
Terrible things
Done for the sake of money

For the sake of a dollar bill
Greed fucking rules the land
Track Name: Open Minds, Still Standing
The screen
The screams
The images bombarding
Spoon fed the topics
The arguments that we'll engage in

Searching for the truth
In a sea of lies
An practice so frivolous
I'm still standing
And Im tuning out

Turn off the TV
Unglue from the screen
Turn of the TV
And walk outside

Your life
Is yours to make
Your mind
Is yours to break

I may grow old
And I may be proud
But I'm still standing

I'm fucking tuning out
Track Name: A Part of Me Will Never Leave
Breathe life into this
Cold casket we've tried to bury
For years and years
Under negativity
Unearth a coffin
Brimming with gold and hope
Prosperity awaits
For those who are true

This is our home
This is our culture
This is ours to mold
This is our future
Built on the past
And together we can make it

Decades of disdain
Rumor mills and falsehoods
Missplaced priorities
And degradation
Pushing potential
In the opposite direction

This stops now
Right in its tracks
We are family
Unified and strong
We could change the

Take back your home
Take back your home